Story of Siddhant Gaikwad

Story of Siddhant Gaikwad

Siddhant Gaikwad, a star chess player at Victorious Chess Academy had received an invitation to participate in the prestigious Catalan circuit of five International events in a row in Spain. It included the Sant Marti Open, Montcada Open, Barbera Open, Badalona Open and Sitges Open, to be held in the period between 25th June to 10th August, 2016. The total expenditure for the 50-day tour was coming to approximately Rs. 3 lakh, which Siddhant’s family could not afford.

Not wanting Siddhant to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, Mr. Kapil Lohana made and appeal to the community of friends, relatives, students and their parents connected via Victorious Chess Academy and managed to successfully raise the requisite amount that enabled Siddhant to successfully compete in these tournaments.

Siddhant Gaikwad successfully completed the Catalan circuit at Spain and back in India after an excellent performance.

He played five International events in Spain from 25th June to 10th Aug 2016, which includes the following :

1. Montcada Open
2. Barbera Open
3. Sant Marti Open
4. Sitges Open
5. Badalona Open

Siddhant started his dream run in the Catalan circuit with rating ELO 2003 and has gained 372 ELO points. As a result, his live rating is ELO 2375 points !!

We are very much thankful to following generous people, friends, Chess promoters and all members of Victorious family for their contribution in this good cause to help dear Siddhant!

1. Mr. Ashish Gupta
2. Mr. Ketan Talathi
3. Mr. Anurag Bhargava
4. Mr. Michael R.
5. Mr. Carl Britto
6. Mr. Suryabhan Yadav
7. Mr. Ravindra Katkar
8. Mrs. Lakshmi Vishnubotla
9. Mr. Raj Jagtap
10. Mr. Ramesh Vishwanathan
11. Mr. Ayan Karmokar
12. Mr. Lokesh Natoo
13. Dr. Manisha Munemane
14. Mr. Amar Kudre
15. Mr. Ajai Sharma
16. Mr. Kedar Kulkarni
17. Mr. Santosh Shelar
18. Mr. Uday Jaunjal
19. Mr. Anil Patel
20. Mr. Nikhil Parvate
Three more people contributed Anonymously…

Dear Siddhant is currently working very hard to achieve his dream in Chess and seeking blessings of all of you to stay motivated!

“Small contribution from your side has made a big difference in Siddhant’s life.”

Thank you very much to read this

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