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Kapil Lohana Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO), which aims to empower the children in India through sports, education and healthcare. It was started in the year 2019 by International Rated Chess Player, National Instructor, State Arbiter from India, Mr. Kapil Lohana, who is also the Founder-Director of Victorious Chess Academy.

It aims to nurture the talent of young minds and help them shape their future.

We believe that the right to playing sports, to proper education and healthcare are the fundamental rights of each and every child. While education is food for the mind and soul, sports are the playground where children can learn life lessons that help them shape up into responsible, aware and credible human beings.

We are currently based in Pune.

In the past, we have successfully helped chase the dreams of international rated chess players as well as served the community by organising a blood donation campaign. More success stores to follow!


The KL Foundation was founded on 14th June, 2019.

At the KL Foundation, we are currently accepting donations for three causes that have been listed on our website. The process we follow id to declare programmes that require financial aide, gather donations from the public, and one the requisite amount of funds required for a programme are met, we close the acceptance of funds and declare the said programme in order to invite participation to successfully execute the same.

Kapil Lohana Foundation encourages volunteers. Coaches are mostly reimbursed for expenditure connected with the programmes. Some coaches draw monthly pay. Kapil Lohana Foundation bears expenses related to coaching gear and maintenance.

We are a non-partisan, secular organization. We partner with organizations that believe in the dignity of labour and equality irrespective of caste, creed or sex. We may partner local faith-based organisations to execute our plans for the local community but this does not mean we endorse the organisation’s religious affiliation. We do not ally with political parties.

Currently, we only accept monetary donations.

On an average, 85% of your donation is applied towards the specific cause that you have donated for. Currently, we are accepting donations for Open Rapid Chess Tournaments, Chess Scholarship and Free Chess Coaching. Donors are welcome to get in touch with us for further information. The balance is equally divided among administrative and fundraising expenses.


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