Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp

Victorious Chess Academy, in association with Sanjeevani and Florista had conducted a blood donation camp on Sunday, 31st July 2016 at Anandban Club, Pune.  We received an overwhelming response from our generous and enthusiastic community of people who came forward for a good cause. We collected a total of 47 bottles of blood that were later handed over to blood banks in the city. Through the Kapil Lohana Foundation, we aim to organize more such drives in the future.

It all started over a conversation with Mr. Ketan Talathi of Florista wherein we discussed the possibility of arranging a blood donation camp, in a bid to do our bit to give back to the society and to aid those in need. We also realized that this would be a first – no Chess Academy had organized a drive to collect blood for donating to blood banks, and we were pumped about the opportunity.

We decided upon the finer aspects of the blood donation camp, and soon, Victorious Chess Academy had announced a blood donation camp in association with blood bank, Sanjeevani and Mr. Ketan Talathi’s Florista. We started by spreading the word amongst our close circles, including the parents of our lovely students at Victorious.

We also tried to make it slightly interesting and rewarding for the prospective blood donors – we announced free chess coaching for a month to the students whose parents would be donating for a good cause.

On the day of the blood donation drive, we received the kind of excellent response that we were hoping to, and were actually very positive considering our previous experiences of support from the lovely community around us.

On 31st July 2016, we proudly ended up collecting a whopping 47 bottles of blood for Sanjeevani’s blood bank. We were even prouder to see that 60% of the donations came from parents of students from 7 branches of Victorious Chess Academy! The donation drive brought us together as one big family, and also ended up giving us incidences to cherish. A fellow gentleman saw the banner for the blood donation camp and walked in happily to do his bit. He told us that he was a lawyer, and had been donating blood for several years now!

At the end, the administration at Sanjeevani wished to felicitate us for our efforts with a trophy, but we have always been firm about not doing this for any awards. All we want is the rewards – in the form of continued support of the people for things that matter.

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