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About the Kapil Lohana Foundation

Kapil Lohana Foundation is a non-profit organization working towards sports, education and health awareness of children across India.

The organization was founded on 14th June 2019 in Pune city of Maharashtra. It is driven by the mission to serve society in sports, education and health sector. The children, youngsters from society can shape up their lives with basic education, health awareness and exploring their talent in sports. We believe without sports, the personality of the child would be incomplete.

Kapil Lohana Foundation is initially working towards personality development of individuals through sports which includes training camps, tournaments and opportunity to showcase their talent on various platforms. The purpose of aiding the dream of popularising chess as a mainstream game and providing career option through a systematic channel for people of all ages. The entire team of Kapil Lohana Foundation is working with a shared passion and love for the game to introduce chess and its many benefits to maximum numbers of people.

Our achievements

Before the formation of the Kapil Lohana Foundation, our Founder and Trustee Mr. Kapil Lohana has successfully served society through Victorious Chess Academy, to which these three success stories are a testimony.

Our team

Things get easy when we work together

Mr. Kapil Lohana

Mr. Kapil Lohana

Founder and Trustee

Mr. Kapil Lohana is an International rated player of chess, state arbiter from Maharashtra and a National Instructor (NI) from India. He is a founder and director of Victorious Chess Academy and a Founder - Trustee of Kapil Lohana Foundation. 

Mrs. Pallavi Lohana

Mrs. Pallavi Lohana

Founder and Trustee

Mrs. Pallavi is a Founder and Director of Pallavi Coaching Classes and working as a Managing Director at Victorious Chess Academy and State Arbiter  from maharashtra. She is a computer engineer from NMIET, Pune.

Mr. Sameer Ghela

Mr. Sameer Ghela

Process Manager

Mr. Sameer is an International rated chess player and state arbiter from maharashtra. He is currently working as a Process Manager at Victorious chess academy. He has done graduation in commerce.

Ms. Gargi Sane

Ms. Gargi Sane

Head of coaching department

Ms. Gargi is an International rated chess player and State Arbiter  from maharashtra . She is currently working as a Head of Coaching Department at Victorious chess academy. She is a Bachelor of Commerce from SP College, Pune

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